Adjudication Center Sigma

Center Sigma is located in the heart of Areth’s coastal city of Haram. Seemingly an integral part of Arethean urban systems, Adjudication Centers are found at or near the midpoint of all cities on Areth. The inhabitants of Haram, and likewise of all Areth, were a peaceable and egalitarian people. Indeed, the ARC’s Astro-Paleontology Committee has been unable to find any evidence of industrial warfare in the geologic record.

It is speculated that Aretheans sorted out their grievances on an individual level, bringing their various objections to public Adjudication Centers to be weighed by advocates referred to as the “Three Barristers”. In keeping with the distinctly communal values of Arethean society, the trio of Barristers appear to have been self- appointed and it may be assumed that volunteering for the position was considered honorable if not prestigious. Our Terrestrial judicial system, The Court, is founded on Hellenic principles of democracy and justice. Architecturally, it follows that this system is represented by structures that appear themselves Classically Hellenic. It would seem that on Areth, Adjudication Centers maintain a similar aesthetic reverence.

With degrees of variation, most Centers adhere to a “classical” standard dubbed the “Omicron Archetype” after the seminal Adjudication Center Omicron located in the city of Harak. Flanked by three enormous slabs of stone, the open-air plaza of Center Omicron is defined by the large triangular monument that once loomed over legal proceedings there (see figure below). Adjudication Center Sigma differs primarily from the Archetype in its dual staircases; the smaller of the two being reserved for the Three Barristers and the larger for the Defendant and Plaintiff.