Botanic Archive Beta

Set amid the iron-rich outcroppings of the Manus Rocks, Botanic Archive Beta is a monument to Arethean conservation and forethought. Archives such as Beta have been found in the most remote regions of the continent and are most often embedded in hillsides and mountain ranges. Heavily fortified, Archive Beta is the only structure of its type that has yet been opened.

Behind a meter-thick metal door, XARA team members have discovered that the exterior of Archive Beta is in fact merely the entrance to an enormous underground network of vaults. Each vault was found to contain a large cache of seeds which are organized and cataloged (presumably) by phylum

or agricultural purpose. Although the Arethean pictographic language has yet to be fully deciphered, botanists from the Areth Research Commission’s Exo-Biology Survey (EBS) have been able to identify several of the embryonic plants stored at the facility.

Previously cataloged by the Survey, what has been dubbed Arethean Hexaploid Wheat was found in particularly large quantities. Vast tracts of land overgrown with the Wheat lend credence to speculation that this selectively-bred crop was once the mainstay of the Arethean diet. Despite their weather-engineering capabilities, the multiplicity of Botanic Archives suggests that Aretheans struggled to achieve a sustainable agricultural practice.