Fabrication Facility Phi

Located on the outskirts of the northern City of Hadeth, this structure speaks volumes about the Arethean mode of manufacture, although this Facility is not especially aesthetically unique as an industrial center. From what XARA team members have been able to surmise, centers such as Facility Phi operated as trade-based work- shops for the purpose of creative production.

Populated by dozens of skilled artisan-workers, Phi once played host to Aretheans that volunteered their skills to produce goods of cultural currency. Each center was devoted to the exclusive production of one type of cultural artifact; artisans at Facility Phi seemed to have extensively manufactured earthen pots and bowls (see diagram below) for use and display in private homes.

The typically modular design seen in Phi’s quadrangularsprawl reflects elements of its interior composition; dozens of inter connected production studios nested closely together. By virtue of this network, Arethean artisans were able to move between various stages of production efficiently while the privacy of each studio module maintained space for concentration and reflection. Similar Facilities in the region have been implicated in the production of artifacts discovered as far away as the Great Barrens.