Field Emitter Epsilon

A monument of Arethean ingenuity, Emitter Epsilon speaks volumes about the unique conditions of life once faced on Areth. The structure, both machine and edifice, was erected to combat the fierce storms that plague this planet. Extreme pressure differentials in Areth’s atmosphere are responsible for a number of violent meteorological phenomena including the well-known Traxic Land-Squalls and Hexic Typhoons.

Although the Aretheans did not possess technology vastly superior to our own, they exercised a surprising amount of control over their own planet. The establishment of a vast microwave pulse field over the surface of Areth’s land mass enabled its inhabitants to change the intensity and trajectory of severe storms. This field was generated and maintained by four Field Emitter stations, strategically positioned on the extremes of the continent to provide complete coverage for the population. Emitter Epsilon is the South-Easterly component of this system and the most well preserved of the four.

diagram below). This molecular disturbance had the effect of warming selected layers of the atmosphere. When these Transmitters operated in unison, Emitter Epsilon was able to project a microwave pulse field over a vast swath of the continent, increasing the ambient temperature. Precisely controlled modifications to this field would have allowed Arethean weather engineers to diminish the size of approaching storms and guide them out to sea.