Hydration Tower Heta

Amid the Teutonic Hills bordering Areth’s Nothern Mountains stands Hydration Tower Heta. ASPA members speculate that the Tower once provided dihydrogen monoxide to a nearby scientific research community, Settlement Heta, that was isolated in this arid country.

The cavernous core of the now empty building can be accessed by an internal stairway lit by three apertures in the facade. These openings provide an excellent view of the surrounding craggy Teutons and may once have served as a lookout or survey station. From research conducted at similar sites in the region, ASPA members believe that the large white disk found near the base of Tower Heta was symbolic of an Arethean scientific order or institution. More of these disks have been positioned near other buildings at the Settlement.

The institution thought to have built the community has become known among ASPA researchers for its distinct architectural styling. Notably, Hydration Towers attributed to this order invariably exhibit the type of integrated stairwell seen in Tower Heta. Structures serving similar functions for the civilian populace are generally accessible by free-standing staircases, attached to their Towers by catwalks or ladders. This discrepancy in design (see figure below) is not fully understood but may indicate hierarchical access to dihydrogen monoxide.