Nodal Residence Xi

The vernacular architecture of Arethean dwellings in the Mitis Hills territory is perhaps best exemplified by Nodal Residence Xi. Unique among the houses of Areth, the Mitis homes have a format seen only in the North. Small wing-like antennae protruding from the roof are an elegant blend of form and function. These antennae seem to allow for efficient transmission and reception of broadcast signals much in the way that personal satellite dishes function for the typical family home on Earth.

In keeping with the Arethean predilection for groupings of three, what might best be described as a “sitting room” is bounded on three sides by rectangular windows. Beneath this room, an open space accessible by a small door and movable

wall hosts a perplexing ar- ray of furniture and artifacts. Most remarkably, certainly to the Xeno-Anthropological Research Authority, each home in the Mitis Hills community is linked to another residence much like it.

In all, this conglomerate is comprised of sixty-seven residential nodes, networked by covered passageways lit by small windows. Each node in the network adheres to a common dimension and outward appearance though the interiors exhibit a wide variety of Arethean tastes in furnishment. This approach to community dwelling offers an insight into the distinctly communal values of Arethean culture.