Radiant Energy Collector Rho

Arethean civilization is thought to have progressed in accord with its natural environment; this harmony may be attributed to an intimate understanding of planetary science. By harvesting naturally occurring radiant energy from their sun Amaril, the Aretheans were able to power their global infrastructure without the deleterious environmental effects associated with electrical generation on Earth.

Astro-Meteorologists studying electromagnetic storms in the atmosphere claim that Collectors such as Rho may have gathered bursts of Hertzian Waves and transformed them intoan abundant, renewable energy source. Resulting from sun-flares on Areth’s parent star, these Wave bursts were likely collected by the tower-like structure situated at the center of the Rho complex. Inside this tower, a Capacitive

Dome may have harnessed these bursts for storage in electrochemical cells. ARC engineers believe that large, featureless cubes found inside the complex once functioned as batteries for the Collector.

As this method of electrical generation relies on naturally occurring phenomena, Energy Collectors are thought to have been positioned strategically in locations most receptive to atmospheric radiant energy. Collector Rho occupies a swath of sparse land atop the Altus Butte, one of Areth’s tallest formations in the region. Recent satellite data has confirmed that the Butte receives elevated levels of Hertzian Waves, especially during the Hexic storm season.