Theatrical Auditorium Theta

Located at the heart of Areth’s oldest city, Haral, Auditorium Theta is the quintessential example of Arethean dramatic architecture. Despite the presence of a global broadcast infrastructure, XARA team members speculate that the theatrical arts remained a key component of Arethean cultural life. The proliferation of structures similar to Theta in urban zones across the globe would seem to confirm this supposition. The interior of Auditorium Theta, recently mapped by ASPA engineers, has been remarkably well preserved.

A multi-level stage skirts the dematerialized core of Theta’s interior space, at the center of which lies a small ring of connected seats, capable of accommodating up to 13 persons. After spatial and perspectival analysis conducted by a joint research team, the ARC has determined that Arethean dramatic architecture represents an inversion of Earthly actor-audience relationships.

The Terrestrial theatrical format places the audience above the stage who view actors from tiered seats ringing the dramatic action. Arethean thespians are held to have performed in the “stands” to a viewership seated below, looking upward. The ratio of audience members to actors that this format implies might suggest that participation in dramatic productions on Areth was in fact a more dominant form of entertainment than attending the theater as an audience member.