Theistic Collective Qoppa: Matriarchal Residence

In the far reaches of the Siccan Desert lies one of Areth’s most hallowed religious com- munities. Collective Qoppa sprawls across the ridge of a rocky outcropping and is comprised of modular nodes, similar in appearance to artisanal centers such as Fabrication Facility Phi. Each node in the complex served a variety of functions, with the exception the Matriarchal Residence and the Forge (see following page) which was dedicated to the production of solar-wind chimes.

As the chief spiritual center of the surrounding Arva Plains region, the Collective maintained facilities not only for its resident acolytes, but presumably in support of traveling pilgrims as well. It is believed that the Qoppa complex once housed up to 200 Aretheans, boasting multiple meditation chambers, altars, performance spaces and even an underground cavern for the production of honey-wine. Although many details of Areth’s Tri-theistic faith remain obscured, the ARC’s Committee on Xeno-Theology holds thatCollective Qoppa was a matriarchal institution. The Residence is divided into three apartments of unusual magnificence which have recently been attributed to the Three Qoppic Matriarchs. These Three are believed to have been the most prominent spiritual leaders of the surrounding Arva Plains sub-region.

The symbol of each of the Three Prophets of Arethean faith (see figure below) is inscribed above each entrance to these chambers. It is speculated that the Matriarchs embodied the characteristics of their ascribed Prophet, and were consulted as oracles by pilgrims and resident acolytes.