Theistic Collective Qoppa: The Forge

While the bulk of the Collective’s sprawl once operated as both living quarters and maintenance facilities, the Residence and the Forge alone were reserved for specialized functions.  Enclosed within a half-dome typical of Arethean Tri-theistic architecture, the Forge once housed a production center dedicated to the crafting of solar-wind chimes and bells.

According to satellite analysis conducted by the Areth Research Commission, the Siccan Dessert rests atop a vast deposit of magnetic ore.  Evidence of mining near the Collective implicates this ore as source material for thesmelting and casting of metal chimes made at the Forge.  The Qoppic smiths ingeniously harnessed this metal’s unique properties to create a sound heard only on Areth.  Powerfulsolar-winds from the planet’s star, Amaril, frequently sweep across Areth’s magnetosphere, resulting in colorful electro-magnetic storms.  This phenomenon causes the metal of the Qoppic solar-wind chimes to vibrate, producing a haunting drone.

It is widely held that the Arethean solar storms were celebrated as a religious occasion, and that the chimes were utilized in a cermonial fashion. The handiwork of the Qoppic smiths has been identified at spiritual sites all over the Arethean continent, leading XARA researchers to conclude that The Forge was the primary source of solar-wind chime fabrication.